The benefits of adding a second storey to your home.

Have you ever questioned why building up may be more beneficial than building out? Much to people’s surprise, adding a second storey isn’t necessarily the more expensive option. When you consider a second storey to enjoy a hidden view or extra living space, whether that be additional bedrooms, bathrooms, balcony or a modern kitchen, you will be guaranteed an exciting new way to enjoy your home and interact with your loved ones!

We are often asked whether building a second storey is worth it, so we have written a list of the major benefits below!

Gain more living space

Quite obviously, one of the greatest advantages of adding a second storey to your home, is the increased amount of living space for your family to enjoy. When new generations join the family, you won’t have the worry of not being able to accommodate everyone and can continue to live in the location that you love and suits you and your family’s lifestyle. Building up will give you the opportunity to stay in the comfort of your own home while being surrounded by wide open spaces or suburbia and services that you need, want and value, for years to come!

More Living Space in Home

Keep your outdoor space

Why be faced with the difficult decision to reduce the area of your yard and/or outdoor entertaining area when you could build up into empty space instead? For those living in the city or in town, outdoor space is often scarce and precious. Children and pets especially, require much needed outdoor space to exercise and play while adults often appreciate their yard to grow a garden, entertain their nearest and dearest or relax with a cool drink in the summer or a hot cup of tea in the winter. Adding a second storey may be a simple solution to providing extra living space without compromising your outdoor living space that you can’t do without.

Outdoor Space or Backyard

Extra privacy

This is one for the adults! Build a top storey that separates your family from your guests by adding a guest suite on the top floor, or better yet, separate yourselves from the children by building a parents retreat or master bedroom, walk in wardrobe and ensuite! 

A home with a second storey can also be beneficial for reducing the ability for neighbours to see into bedrooms and bathrooms, not to mention the added benefit of noise reduction as higher rooms on the furthest side of the home are often distanced from the sound of traffic. 

Master Bedroom

Beautiful Views

Have you ever dreamed of the beautiful view you would have if you built up? When you live in a location that is surrounded by stunning natural scenery including rainforests, parks, mountains, rolling hills or the ocean, adding a second storey will give you the opportunity to cherish these spectacular views every day without leaving your own home! 

Adding a second story also opens up the opportunity to build a balcony, so that you can enjoy fresh air and admire the great outdoors at your own leisure!

Beautiful Views Outside the Home

Increase the value of your home

Finally, a dramatic rise in the market value of your home is considered to be the major benefit of building a quality second storey. A second storey entails additional living floor space and in most cases a valuable view, which effectively increases the equity in your existing home, if you were to make the decision to sell in the future. 

A renovated home with a second storey has a beneficial selling point which will attract families seeking a home with large living space and a beautiful view, located near medical facilities, education, shopping centres, public transport and a promising central business centre that offers fantastic career opportunities.

It goes without saying that building a second storey for your home also comes with major architectural and engineering changes to the structure of your current rooftop, electric circuits and plumbing, which are usually pricey. This may be daunting, however, our home extension and renovation specialists will make recommendations to the design of your second storey so that it provides you with the highest value for your money while also serving your family’s requirements. 

If you have always dreamed of building a second storey onto your home and would like a quote or more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!