Kitchen Renovations Tips to Make the Most of Your Space

The kitchen is the heart of every family home, and is probably the busiest area of the house too. Kitchen design is an important and specific aspect of home decor, as it not only needs to look great but ensure that it’s also highly functional.

Even if you don’t think your kitchen is particularly outdated, a design refresh to increase its functionality can greatly improve your living experience – and your home’s value. Reconsidering layout aspects like counter space, cupboard placements and appliances can make massive improvements to your kitchen’s design and usability.

When you approach a kitchen redesign with functionality at the forefront of your practice you stand gain in these areas:

Storage Space!

Making clever use of the space available and placing storage in the right areas will see you gain more floor space, and more efficient storage. Designing your kitchen with adequate and stylish storage options will provide ample space for all your kitchen needs without having to compromise on aesthetics. 

It’s important to place your most used appliances in positions where they can be easily accessible, and the rest of your kitchen can be designed around that. Low level shelving and drawers will ensure that all your most used items are easy to reach, while higher level cabinetry can provide storage for the less commonly needed kitchen accessories.

Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Bold Colour

Introducing bold, modern colours to your kitchen is an excellent way to uplift your whole home. Although light colours are often favoured for kitchens, adding bold statements, dark colours and natural finishings can give your kitchen a really elegant and modern look. Consider trying things like black sinks and appliances, wooden benches instead of laminates and natural stone instead of tiles. These sleek features add volumes of class to any kitchen renovation.

Bold Colour Ideas for Kitchen Renovation

Island Benches

Kitchens are high traffic home areas, and busy places to work. Great kitchen designs make smart use of space that aid in creating efficient workflows. Adding an island to your kitchen area will provide extra bench space and storage, while still keeping an open flow throughout the home. These designs are popular in modern open plan homes as they allow the kitchen to feel connected with the rest of the home, fitting with the theme of the kitchen being the heart of a family home.

Island Benches Kitchen Design

There’s endless ways to utilise a kitchen island. It can become a dedicated cooking work station with an incorporated cooktop, an alternative sink position, a breakfast bar, or a mixture of all these things combined. Find out more about island benches and how to incorporate into your next kitchen renovations, get in touch with our team.


Modern Light Kitchen Design

Adding windows, removing walls or doors can open up your kitchen to the rest of your home and create an inviting flow of movement, light and energy through the space. 

Modernising your kitchen and opening up the space to add more light can improve the feel of your entire home and completely change the way the area is utilised. Although there are many ways that interior design can make spaces feel bigger – like the use of colour, removing cabinets or extending floor space – there’s no substitute for the warm, lifting feeling that natural light brings to a space. Adding a window to your kitchen is probably cheaper than you think and could be the simplest way to modernise your home and transform your cooking space.

Kitchen Remodelling Design

When it comes to kitchen remodelling, you are only really limited by your imagination. At Seaside Building Design we specialise in helping our clients plan, budget and build their dreams – not just new homes, but extensions and renovations too. So if you’ve been thinking about redesigning your kitchen space, find out how our design and building team can help make it a reality.