How to turn your no longer needed spare bedroom into a walk in wardrobe

Do you have a spare bedroom in your home that is sitting there empty and a closet that is too small for all of your clothes and accessories? We have the perfect solution for you. Turn that big empty space into a walk-in wardrobe that will inspire you every time you get dressed! We have put together some tips on how to turn a spare bedroom into the walk-in wardrobe you have always dreamt of!

Chique colours

First things first you will need to decide on a colour scheme for your walk in wardrobe. Your best option is to match this with the rest of your house. Choose a colour that may stand out slightly but will also compliment the other spaces in your home. We suggest that you opt for lighter colours which will open up the room, although the choice is ultimately up to you!

Colourful wardrobe

Doors that stand out

Your walk in wardrobe is a statement in itself so why not choose doors that make a difference? There’s no point having a plain boring door in place. French doors, slide open doors or roller barn doors will have you jumping out of bed every morning to get ready for your day ahead. 

It’s all about the base

This is one of the biggest decisions to consider. Will you opt for tiles, floor boards or carpet? To keep costs down you may choose to keep the existing floor intact. If this is the case, you can always uplift the interior with a gorgeous rug. Although, if you choose to rip up the existing floor and replace it with something else that ties in with the rest of your home interior then you have an important choice to make! 

A simple yet stylish and very easy to clean solution is tiles. Glossy tiles will make you feel like you are walking into your favourite department store ready to go on a shopping spree. Another alternative is floor boards, either bamboo, laminate, parquet or solid hardwood for a corporate feel. Floor boards may be more suitable if you decide to have his and her sections in the wardrobe. 

Or maybe you want something a little more extra? There are so many carpet prints and patterns to choose from that the choice can be overwhelming! A floral, animal or geometric print is one way to add a little spice to your walk in wardrobe. Or maybe you prefer cosy shag carpet? The type that feels like you are walking across soft clouds.

Hair and makeup glamour corner

Why not make your morning routine a little more convenient by popping a hair and makeup corner in your walk in wardrobe? All you need is a decent mirror, lighting and organised storage for your makeup and hair accessories and stylers! Your bathroom will also look much more tidy without the mess of makeup bags and brushes floating around.

Hair and makeup corner

Shelves for shoes, bags and all things with tags

The shelves and racks need to be thought out very carefully. Think about how many shoes, bags and clothes you have. Do most of your clothes need hanging or can they be folded? If you have more clothes than shoes, you’ll want to add more drawers and clothing racks than shoe racks and vice versa. The height measurements of your clothing racks will largely depend on how long your garments are including full length dresses and coats. 

Also, if you really want to splurge, use wooden hangers instead of plastic and wire hangers. Plain wooden hangers will present a unified look if you decide to colour coordinate your clothing. 

Make sure you have adequate space to store large and small handbags, belts, scarves, jewellery, underwear, socks and other accessories. You can save space by hiding your accessories that you don’t want on display in slide out shelves with draw dividers to keep your walk in wardrobe neat and sleek. As for your most treasured handbags, sunglasses, hats and shoes, don’t refrain from using them as decor to add style and colour!

Fancy walk-in wardrobe

Ladders for hard to reach shelves

A ladder will help you reach those shelves where you stock accessories or suitcases that you don’t use as often. Depending on the height of your top shelves a smaller step ladder may also do the trick!

Make it glamorous

Spruce up your walk in wardrobe with vases and fresh or dried flowers, artwork, books, vintage decor, a sitting area if it will fit and most importantly lighting! As well as natural light from windows and skylights, you may consider adding chandeliers, shelf backlighting or lampshades for that extra lift and visibility. 

modern wardrobe

Mirror mirror on the wall

Finally, a full length mirror is an absolute necessity. You must have a full length mirror to check yourself out while trying on that cute, corporate or chilled outfit. The more mirrors the better! They also open up the space making it look double the size, so why not?