Bathroom Trends

We say out with the old and in with the new when it comes to building or renovating your bathroom! Here are a few of the latest trends when thinking about creating a bathroom that you will love.

Coloured Taps

Black, bronze and brass tap ware used as an alternative to standard chrome tap ware has become hugely popular in recent times and are certainly aesthetically pleasing. When adding coloured tap ware to your bathroom, you need to consider the whole space and make sure you feature the same colours throughout the rest of the bathroom to ensure that as time goes on, your bathroom will still look incredible and not become too outdated. In years to come, the trend is likely to ease, although we agree that coloured taps will continue to add a sleek and luxe feature to your bathroom.

Bronze Tap ware in bathroom

Deep Bathtubs

The deeper the tub, the better to relax in! We don’t think deep bathtubs will ever go out of style. In fact, to tie in with the black tap ware trend, black bathtubs are also becoming increasingly popular, especially in contrast with a lighter bathroom and soft or bright pops of colour! Whether white or coloured, a feature that takes up so much space in a bathroom should be a striking focal point!


Rain Showers

Nothing says “I’m on holidays and carefree” like standing under a large rain shower head, so who wouldn’t want to add a rain shower (or two) to their bathroom when building or renovating? Now some of you may think that is all very well for us to say, but you know that the larger the shower head, the less pressure. To overcome this issue, you may want to opt for a rain shower head that has dual attachments, the first having gentle pressure and the second having a more focused, high pressure spray.

Peach bathroom with a rain shower.

Above counter coloured basins

Your grandmothers taste in blush pink coloured baths, walls and basins has made a huge comeback in 2020! Parting away from the traditional built in silver or white sink, people are opting for a new in style above the counter, coloured basin. Usually pastel in tone and made from concrete, these pink, blue, green or orange basins add a gorgeous and unique touch to any bathroom!

Pink sink in a pink bathroom

Backlit mirrors

Light up your life with backlit mirrors which have been a trend for quite some time now. No matter the shape of the backlit mirror whether it is oval, rectangle or oblong, it will look sensational, especially against a feature wall or dark tiled statement wall.

Backlit Mirror

Shower benches

It’s time to truly relax in the shower with a built in shower bench, especially after a big night out! The bench may be for sitting on or shaving your legs but it is likely to also come in handy as a unit to store your abundance of shower and hair products. Either way, you won’t regret it! 

Shower Bench in modern bathroom